This practice celebrates the beautiful muddle of human identity predominately using painting and the lens of fashion.

I think of this exploration as an expansion of how the effects of self-orientation, cross-culturalism, capitalism and globalization challenge traditional, often puritanical notions of subjectivity. Fashion itself is amongst many of these considerations. Due to its markers, a means of showing a position or expression, fashion has long been an interest & a personal obsession. While these “markers” consider gender, ethnicity, class and economy, among others, these mediated objects previously worn on human bodies, are used in context to social construct, self-appropriation and self-preservation. This to me is the most interesting, why do we transform ourselves?


I then use gestural painting to signify an exiled body whose vulnerability, resilience, celebration and sovereignty is often at odds with the branding and artifice, further complicating any archetypes or principled parameters. There is a realism and idealism that teeters in the work that I encourage and then collapse within the work. I’m interested in addressing the complexity of the human being and to celebrate humans as messy, conflicted, courageous and dignified by the beauty and tragedy to expose oneself among the human narrative.

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